You have a fear of rejection? Here’s how to help that.

  Every rejection letter he got hung on a nail above his desk. By the time he was 14 the nail failed to support the weight of all the letters it held. His first novel was rejected more than 30 times before it was published. He received not only a firm “no”, but the cutting […]

Your music is a letdown? Here’s how to avoid that.

(The simple art of not ruining your project from the beginning) You’ve spent thousands of hours making your dream game. Coding long into the night, night after night… you’ve poured yourself into crafting the art and designing every detail to look exactly as you’d imagined.. and finally you’ve received your first music from your composer! […]

Hate your client? Here’s how to salvage that relationship.

(The simple art of speaking well) My client and I hated each other’s guts. For the sake of this conversation let’s go ahead and call him Lou. Now, Lou and I had created something really cool, but every step of the way had been steeped in frustration. There was a constant back and forth, constant […]